Why Attorneys Struggle with Referrals and What to do about it!

Face it, marketing is a necessary ingredient to drive growth in any business- including your law practice.

Why you as an attorney should focus on automating an effective referral system:

  • Consumers want to refer - 87% would refer you if asked
  • It is the #1 way consumers want to learn about you - a professional
  • It is the highest conversion lead source - by 400%
  • You can replicate your best clients

This Whitepaper is intended to be a one stop guide to help attorneys level up their referral game.  Download now by filling out the form.


Why Should You Be Focused on Referrals to Build Your Business?

Tap into a Pool of Up to 150k+ Potential Referrals in Your Network

Many of these connections are only one introduction away, and can provide you with an endless stream of potential prospects.

Referrals Convert at 4x the Rate of Ordinary Leads

Not only that, but referral leads typically have 2x the sales size, and come at a fraction of the costs of ordinary lead generation activities.

Replicate Your Best Clients

Ever wondered if it would be possible to clone your best clients? With referrals, you get access to the same types of clients that you enjoy working with.

More ROI & More Free Time

With technologies out there like ReferMe IQ™, you can generate a steady stream of automated referral clients, providing a much higher ROI and saving you a ton of time.

Let us help you get more referrals