Building A True Referral Culture

Leaders in all industries have 2 imperatives - to recruit talent and to support producers with client acquisition. Success with each drives 80% of results. Building a referral culture is the #1 leverage to accomplish both, yet most leaders have too much on their plate to take the full swing necessary.

The Good News: You can learn from a leader who has been teaching others to do it for 30+ years. This white paper will outline the big "why" on referrals, all the elements that define an effective referral culture, and give you the action steps necessary to create one of your own!


Why Should You Be Focused on Referrals to Build Your Business?

Business referrals are incredibly powerful! 

Your potential customers put a lot of trust in the recommendations of their friends, family, colleagues, and even influencers, and you’ve got to start using this to your advantage. You’ve got hundreds or even thousands of loyal customers, each with their own networks, so tap into it!

91% of customers would refer others if asked, yet fewer than 11% of professionals ask for referrals.

If you can put the right processes in place, then business referral marketing (word-of-mouth marketing) can be a goldmine for your company. Referrals are 400% more likely to convert to clients as compared to other lead sources!

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